CantaNet is a community of twenty one schools in rural Canterbury, Otago and Marlborough who engage in eLearning. Together our schools continue to explore innovative ways online learning can provide a more personalised approach to learning. The key themes underpinning our approach are: online learning, blended learning, personalised learning, teacher professional learning, and collaboration. A central focus is the provision of an online programme of learning which all of our schools can access.


We never seem to completely move to a position where we don’t need reminding of this, so here it is… This is about far more than just providing greater course options for students. That is the bottom line for many of our smaller schools, but it does not explain why larger school… Read More

NetNZ: Beyond Sustainability

The question of sustainability has been one that has vexed all elearning clusters and the VLN community for sometime now. Ever since the Ministry of Education stopped the funding designed to build clusters to a sustainable position, uncertainty has been ever present. The reality is funding the leadership of these clusters themselves is an expensive… Read More

Stories from the frontline: the eTeacher

One of our eTeachers shares the experience in the video below. Points I took out of it? You need to be keen and interested The practice of teaching online can be beneficial to your face to face teaching You are likely to get some fairly motivated, bright sparks (although they won’t all necessarily be like… Read More

To LMS or to not LMS: Part two

There has been an interesting question posed by Clarie Amos, (very interesting blog that is worht reading) the new DP of Hobsonville Point Secondary School in which she ponders whether the school should have an LMS or not. Below is my answer. It depends on what you want out of your online environment. It is… Read More

Stories from the front line: the role of eDean

I’m an eDean in a large rural secondary school and this year I have 31 eStudents in 14 different online classes. I am also a Teacher Librarian and I’m lucky that my students study in a special space in our library so I get to see a lot of them. One of the things that… Read More